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Yvonne Wiese

Golden Member

As a child artclasses inspired me to paint people and I liked it very much. Therefore, when I start as technical translator, I never stopped painting only slowed down until I stopped working. Then I started in art schools and learned by professional artists. When I was introduced to paint with artist knife I found the expression I wanted. I specialized in acrylic paint layer on layer with artist knife on canvas, as I very much like the raw and not photographically expression. I paint impressively and with bright colours, and like the contrast between light and shadow. My motives are people, animals and nature from own photos and inspiration from different medias. My speciality is portraits. I have exhibitions in Denmark as well as Spain Italy , and Portugal. 
In Denmark I am member of the art cooperation K21 with 3 exhibitions each year and I exhibit in Art Nordic 2020 in Copenhagen in March. I have been awarded with many international prices.

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