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Endre  Bartos

Golden Member

Bartos’s paintings radiate life affirmation, joy, brightness and optimism, someone’s even darkness. However, the power and directness of Bartos’s portraits is more than that and have to be though of as “inevitability of portraits” and are overlooked. Not only with regard to the relief-like surface structure with the chosen spatula technique, but also the way in which he combined a landscape experience into a Men block-like structures, almost forged together. Influencers in his life and life work in creating his art Bartos was inspired, among others by Emil Nolde and also August Macke among others but does to not necessarily subscribe to “expression of a school”. He clearly represents a more personified view of the large, expressionist-colored play of the surfaces. In contemplation, art connoisseurs will feel close to the artist of the "Blue Rider". 

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