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Nordic Season - Finland in Lisbon

Nordic Season - Finland in Lisbon opens on 07/03 and will present contemporary art from Filandia, in Chiado, in one of the greatest events related to contemporary Filandian art.

Nordic Season - Finland in Lisbon is the name of the international contemporary exhibition, exclusively by artists from Filandia, which meetiNG art Chiado will be presenting, already on the 7th of March at 5 pm.

The Curatorship is in charge of Gonçalo Madeira (Lisbon International Contemporary Exhibtion, Downtown Chiado) and also of the artist Natália Gromicho, responsible for meetiNG art Chiado.

“We are very happy to see an exhibition made up of 10 excellent Finnish artists in Lisbon. The exhibition, “Nordic Season”, proves that contemporary art is doing well in Finland.
“Nordic Season” is, at this moment, one of the biggest events to bring contemporary art to Portugal. The previous largest-scale exhibition was “On the Road”, by the Finnish Painters' Union, in 2004. Of course, Finland's role as an ARCOmadrid guest country in February 2014 was useful to promote the knowledge of Finnish art in the Iberian Peninsula.
The artists of the “Nordic Season” come from different regions of Finland and their works present a good global overview of Finnish contemporary art. While we wish the exhibition a lot of success, we hope that it can also contribute to increasing interest in Portugal, for Finnish art, for Finnish artists and for Finnish culture in general and to provide inspiration for future contacts between Portugal and Finland ”

Words by Outi Holopainen, Finnish Ambassador to Lisbon


The invited artists are:

Helinä Hukkataival
Tero Annanolli
Ulla Remes
Elina Ruohonen
Inkeri Makkonen
Terhi Asumaniemi
Samuli Alonen
Maisa Heiskanen
Kalevi Liski
Panu Ruotsalo

Attached is the artist's promotional pages, thank you for your disclosure.

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