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Digital Permanent Exhibition

Atelier Natália Gromicho presents a new exhibition concept during the month of November: a giant screen in the center of the gallery, a youtube channel with simultaneous broadcast and physical works. The result is the fusion of digital, virtual and concrete in a show that will be on display throughout the month of November.
Twenty-two artists from seventeen countries:

Nel ten Wolde | Stanislav Riha | Mark Pol | Paulo Saraiva | Gloria Keh | Pompeyo Curbelo Martin | Milena Simunic | Yvonne Wiese | Miguel David | ORNA L.BROCK | Aranka Székely | María Isabel de Lince | Erich Kovar | Nicholas Peter Bartlett | Sanne Rasmussen | Di Bresciani | Éva Nyáry | Berta Miravete | Chrilz | Halina Guźda-Otwinowska | Stefani Zinonos | Beatriz López | Natalie Gromicho | Son Yeounsuck

“This will be the first edition of this new concept, we will create a catalog with all the works and all the event's communication will be done. We introduced several concepts of visitor interactivity, whether they are visitors to the gallery or through the use of streaming, using QR Code technology, where the visitor with his phone, will have access to all the information of each artist. We started this technology at the Lisboa International Contemporary Exhibition and the result was absolutely extraordinary. ” Words of Gonçalo Madeira, curator of this project.

Atelier Natália Gromicho established as its main mission, to present daily to the Lisbon public, artistic voices from around the world through a regular and quality program, in order to highlight what is most contemporary in the world. Every day it is possible to interact with artists, whether they are resident or seasonal, for an approach to art.
Gonçalo Madeira, responsible for the Lisbon Art Scene and Meet Art Consultants, international promoters of contemporary art, is in charge of the entire curatorship process.

Digital Permanent Exhibition I

Digital Permanent Exhibition II

Digital Permanent Exhibition III

Digital Permanent Exhibition IV

Digital Permanent Exhibition V

American Beauty - Mitchell Bahr

Digital Permanent Exhibition VI

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