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International Exhibitions

Atelier Natália Gromicho have been distinguished by the press for the latest’s international exhibitions such as Lisbon International Contemporary Exhibition, a annual contemporary exhibition that is organized in October, Downtown Chiado is also a good example of the work developed by the curators 


Lisbon International Contemporary Exhibition is a contemporary exhibition that as the objective to show art from the most diverse parts of the globe. For the first edition we received over 500 applications for participation, which leads us to conclude that Lisbon is a city to be included in the "routes" of art, primarily by the strong desire of artists wanting to exhibit their works in Lisbon, and believe that Lisbon, considered one of most beautiful cities in the world, should also participate more actively in the art show of contemporary global artists. We showed 12 artists from all around the world and show a little of their culture, evolving the embassy's and some special event is prepared.



DC is a yearly exhibition that as the objective to show the work of contemporary artists from all continents, as no limit of age, technique and all the expression of art.
More than an exhibition is a way of sharing experiences for all parts of the world, also a promotion of the artists in Portuguese community and international media.
This exhibition happens in February 




International Atelier is a live painting atelier that is prepared to be the most innovating process of art.

This information only be available in the 2 quarters of 2014 

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Exhibition photos

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