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Selection from Contemporary Montenegrin Art


Exhibition “Selection from the contemporary Montenegrin art”, organized by the Public Institution Museums and Galleries of Budva and set in the prestigious Gallery Atelier Natália Gromicho in Lisbon, represents one of the possible selections from the current visually – artistic happenings in the rich Montenegrin art scene. The special significance of this exhibition reflects the possibility for valorization and presentation of contemporary Montenegrin art on the international level whilst opening new paths of further cultural cooperation between Portugal and Montenegro. 

Professional selection of the artists and their works was conducted by Lucija Đurašković, MA, art historian and art critique and academic artist Zoran Petrušić, whom himself had a deserved privilege to be represented with his artwork on the international Lisbon exhibition in 2019. The selection included affirmed Montenegrin artists of various artistic poetics and generations, ranging from those older and already recognized on the international level through artists of middle and younger age with respectable biographies and art reviews. Insight into this selection confirms that art, in its essence, always transcends the boundaries of the space in which it arises. Hence, the meaning of the art lies in its spatial transcendence that indicates how the language of art, in its specificity, overcomes everything that is particular, and it proves to be a part of one universal, all-pervading being in whom the highest esthetics values are summing up. 

Finally, we wish to express our special gratitude to Mister Goncalo Madeira and Gallery Atelier Natália Gromicho for the exceptional professional cooperation and kind invitation to implement such a grand cultural project in Portugal for the very first time. In a special manner this project represents a distinctive insight into the overview of contemporary Montenegrin art.

Lucija Đurašković, MA

Director of the PI Museums and Galleries of Budva

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