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Daniela Guerreiro

Golden Member

Daniela Guerreiro is a Portuguese artist, born in 1992 in Faro. Today he lives in Lisbon where he finds most of his inspiration. He studied Visual Arts at the Faculty of Algarve from 2013 to 2014, and then painting from 2014 to 2016, at the Belas Artes de Lisboa. Daniela is a figurative painter whose main intention of her work is to show reality, naked and raw, that is, her vision of the world. Painting allows you to capture individual and collective experiences in a more explicit concept. Each of them embodies the concept of social exclusion, shame, depression, insecurity, violence, etc., namely feelings that are little heard and talked about by society. While oil paintings individualize society, murals and street paintings aim to cover a broader, collective environment. The use of unconventional models allows you to convey a hidden beauty between each of them, where you look for a hidden and raw beauty of each character, working on color and the interaction between light and darkness. A personal and global journey in search of health and bodily connection is her main goal as a visual artist.
“We need diversity in the examples around us. And we all need a healthier relationship with our bodies and with our image, to relate to the world.” 

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