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Stanislav Riha

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Stan is a visual artist, photographer, and writer, born in 1952 in Prague, Czechoslovakia. He grew up in Lesser Town (Malá Strana), surrounded by great medieval and modern art. He has been painting since childhood, and as a young man, focused mainly on surrealism. In 1980 he Lived a year in Grinzing, Vienna, Austria, and then he moved to Vancouver BC, Canada. Enchanted with the natural beauty of British Columbia, the first few years he dedicated to realistic nature themes and then he switched to Surreal and later Surreal-abstract creative work again. In the last three decades, I have been creating wall-mounted, cast resin and aluminum, sculptures combined with canvas and gold leaf, and exploring of computer as a tool for both realistic and digital artwork. All my life, I love to create art full of emotions and feelings "soul," with the satisfaction of fun. The direction of the last two decades is aimed at understanding and, through artwork, expressing the human struggle of emotions and adaptions. In the period of the past ten years, I have been polishing my creative work into the Surreal-abstract style. The main moto of my artwork is; Just as in a good story, the readers have space to create their image; in a good picture, the viewers have a space to create their account.
Since 2009, Editor-in-Chief of IQNexus Journal, In 2015 wrote a book "Judy and Bob Dialogues," published by FriesenPress, Victoria BC, Canada,

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