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Luís Santos, also known as LS, was born and raised in Marvila, a neighborhood in Lisbon. LS discovered her passion for drawing as a child, spending long hours creating themes and characters. Marvila has a strong connection with the train line, an important part of the neighborhood's history and development. This connection with the line and with the graffiti movement has always been a continuous source of inspiration for Luis, a connection that can be seen in some of his art pieces. He started out as a graffiti writer in the neighborhood where he grew up, exploiting the train tracks and spraying his illegal practices. LS has since evolved into a well-rounded artist, with a portfolio that showcases his ability to embrace different styles and techniques. LS's work addresses themes such as multiculturalism, women and nature. He uses colour, triangulation and traditional lace to create an eye-catching, contemporary result. LS's work has been shown in solo and group exhibitions at various galleries and events. He has also participated in urban art festivals such as Muro-LX, Infinito, Mural-18 and Stone Art. His murals are present in several places, including Lisbon, Alcochete, Leiria and Loures. LS also conducted workshops with children and young people in Lisbon. He has been invited to press interviews and online articles, and his work has attracted clients such as Rock in Rio, Galeria de Arte Urbana and Infraestruturas de Portugal. Through his work, LS celebrates the multiculturalism that defines Lisbon, and his experience in graffiti adds depth and authenticity to his art. LS embodies the spirit of urban art, and his work continues to inspire and captivate audiences around the world.

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