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Mariana Santos

Golden Member

My name is Mariana Duarte Santos and I’m a visual artist from Lisbon, Portugal. I work in oil painting, drawing, printmaking and most recently mural painting.

My pieces reflect the way I observe and perceive the world. I prefer to incorporate myself into it as both, a silent voyeur and as an enquirer who seeks to learn more about the subjects, their emotional state and the predicaments they face.

My subject is mostly people and how they relate to space (be it physical or psychological). Being influenced by other art forms like literature and cinema, I try and use a narrative to suggest what the characters are doing, may just have done or are about to do. As well as thoughts or doubts they might be experiencing.

I base a lot of my work on still frames from old, now forgotten, movies and TV show, I also take inspiration from old discarded photographs in an attempt to renew or reanimate the old and poignant images that I see as still worthy of life.

In my work, I record life through fleeting images and seek to capture more than just beauty, but a sense of desolate hope.

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