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Mixed media sculpture/installation inspired by Ancient Greek Mythology with a contemporary twist.


The components of this piece are not completely fixed so the sculpture is playfully flexible and its dimensions are variable allowing the viewer to construct his or her own narrative.


Placed on a sheet of mirror polished steel the installation provides the viewer with an array of transient reflections. The juxtaposition of transient and permanent imagery allows the piece to provide an ever-changing spectacle open to individual interpretation.




The Threads of conversation


Multimedia sculpture combining materials as diverse as silk thread and aluminum.

The idea for this piece sprung from an analogy found in languages across the world.

“The thread of conversation” or “What is the red thread?” is a term commonly used in a number of diverse cultures, yet it always reflects the same. It stands for communication, continuity and connectivity.

By using delicate, vibrant silk threads in combination with typically industrial and monochrome material such as aluminum, I aim to emulate the colourfully diverse yet unified makeup of human existence.





Entanglement is a small sculpture contrasting two divergent materials; cast concrete and delicate silk threads sculpted in to an orb of entangled, seemingly weightless red lines.


The sculpture juxtaposes two traditional materials; compact, heavy, grey and masculine concrete against delicate, light, vibrant silk threads so often associated with female crafts. The concrete block is sitting still and heavy, while the delicate, silk threads form a spherical bundle of thin lines seemingly floating and “drawing’ an abstract image in space.


The piece echoes previous works, such my the award wining installations 'What is the Red Thread?' and 'Out of Nowhere'.



Cat’s Cradle


A mixed media sculpture with surrealist undertones. Combining industrial materials and a delicate thread with the cast of a hand.

The name of this piece is borrowed from children’s game and a piece of furniture designed by Salvador Dali.

This small sculpture is playfully abstract and offers multiple narratives with room for individual interpretation.


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