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Limited edition hand-made print - acrylic ink and 24 Carat gold on paper



The Heart Collection

Šárka Darton MFA


‘The Heart Collection’ is a body of work developed at the beginning of 2021.

It was born from a deep feeling of the need to reconnect during the recent global pandemic.

This collection comprises varied body of work including limited addition hand-made prints, sculptures and mixed media installations.

The colour pallet is limited to mainly tones of monochrome imagery with hints of pink, red and in some instances pure 24 Carat gold.

The precious metal gold leaf was purposely chosen to reflect and symbolise the importance of human connection, interaction and love and kindness for each other.



Some of the related pieces have been selected for the eight edition of The Royal Art Prize 2021 VIII London, UK and will be briefly on show (1st July-14th July) at the La Galleria, Pall Mall, Royal Opera Arcade, London.

Gentle Love

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