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Lisbona Contemporanea I - Presentation by Marta Lock

The Atelier Natália Gromicho gallery uses as its main mission, it presents to the public of Lisbon, but also the international tourism that is found daily in the streets of the historic district of Chiado, artistic voices from all over the world through the first edition of the international exhibition Lisbona Contemporanea , which has representatives from Brazil, Peru, Switzerland, Argentina, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Austria, Romania, Italy, Lebanon, Kuwait, in a dialogue and stylistic comparison that can only enrich visitors, but also the artists themselves.


Adelia Clavien | Adriano da Vila | Alin Marius Buzatu | Amani Esseili |
Battista Doneddu | Cristina Barr | Dalila Mudura | Eva Watzl | Fabrizio Dessì |
Giusy Cristina Ferrante | Jaber Khudhair | Luis Aranguri | Maria Luigia Scala |
Mike Ferrell | Nothing Nadj | Ornella De Rosa | Paola Giorano | Pedro Terra |
Stefania Grazioli | Tina Bux | Zsuzsa Szvath

The entire curatorial and face-to-face presentation of the exhibition is a burden for art critic Marta Lock who will travel to Lisbon on September 5th.
The exhibition will be open from September 5 to 11 at the Atelier Natalia Gromicho gallery, from 2 pm to 6 pm.

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