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Lisboa International Contemporary Exhibition 2019

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Celebrating 7 years of existence, Lisbon International Contemporary Exhibition opens on October 5 at Atelier Natália Gromicho do Chiado at 3 pm local time
There are 12 artists invited to this contemporary art exhibition from Colombia, France, Mexico, Italy, the United Kingdom, Bolivia, Canada and Portugal, to introduce us to the most contemporary in their countries.
Sculptures in reused cardboard lace, glass, resin and metal installations, chymograms, painting, photography are some of the examples of what you will see in this international exhibition.

Angelina Maia (Portugal) | Natália Gromicho (Portugal) | Domingo Parada (Bolivia) | Stanislav Riha (Canada) | Endre Bartos (Hungary) | Elisabeth Vaz (France) | Jaime Prates (Portugal) | Angela Piedade (Portugal) | Rossella Sferlazzo (Italy) | Day Barry (United Kingdom) | Marco Miranda (Mexico) | Carlos Villegas (Colombia)

The printed catalog of the exhibition will be presented only on the opening day, the exhibition will be displayed at Atelier Natalia Gromicho from 5 to 11 October, from 14h to 18h. 

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