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Downtown Chiado returns on February 5th to Atelier Natália Gromicho for its 9th edition to introduce us to 19 new artists from various parts of the globe. The artists selected for this show are:

Adelia Clavien | Adriano da Vila | Ana Maria Malta | Aranka Székely | Beatriz Lopes Lopes | Sunday Parade | Elisabeth Vaz | Gaya Lastovjak | Ionel Aungurenci | Leonor Sousa | Maria Isabel de Lince | Michael Ferrell | Natalia Gromicho | Pejo | Šárka Darton | Sinikka Elfving | Stanislav Riha | Tam Ulriis | Yvonne Wiese

Adelia Clavien is an artist with international recognition, Portuguese but lives and works in Switzerland is an artist who presents the plastic expression New Pop realism, with several awards in her career, is a featured artist in this edition of DC.
Adriano da Vila arrives from Italy, an artist who shows us a new abstract with warm and icy environments. A new approach to the landscape abstract.
From Portugal, Ana Maria Malta is known worldwide for her watercolors. She has already won a vast number of awards and will also be a featured artist in this exhibition. Aranka Székely is from Romania but lives and works in Hugria. She is mostly a figurative artist and presents sensual works, with strong colors.
Argentina is represented by Beatriz Lopes Lopes, an artist of high quality, with works ranging from portraits to surreal and intense environments.
From Bolivia we can glimpse the graphics created by Domingo Parada.
From France but with Portuguese origins, Elisabeth Vaz stands out for her abstract works using spatulation and an explosion of color. For the first time in Portugal Gaya Lastovjak presents to all visitors a fusion between 3D, painting and sculpture. Also for the first time in Lisbon, Ionel Aungurenci presents a figurative, impressionist work. Leonor Trindade Sousa offers us a set of absolutely impressive works, with emphasis on the fusion between figurative and abstract, very well achieved by the Portuguese artist. Back in Lisbon, Maria Isabel de Lince, a Colombian artist, with several prizes won, presents us with works of atmospheres with color and brightness in a sublime way. Also back in Portugal is Michael Henry Ferrell, a figurative landscape artist who shows us various places in Lisbon with oil painting. Natália Gromicho presents an outstanding work, “The Japanese Forest”, a work already exhibited in several places around the world, now in Lisbon. For the first time in Portugal, the Pejo project, 2 Belgian artists who present us with a fusion of painting, using glazes and a lot of experimentalism.
Sarka Darton, an artist from the Czech Republic who currently lives in London, presents us with an installation, with a fusion between painting without wood, stone sculpture and some surprises to discover on site. Sinikka Elving is a talent from Finland, she is also an award-winning artist, exhibiting a very particular abstract work where yellows and lilacs merge into a very original harmony.
Stanislav Riha is already an established artist in Lisbon, was born in the Czech Republic but lives in Canada, he presents us in this edition with a collection of 3 unpublished surrealist works, with insertion of gold leaf, glues, resins and various noble materials.
Tam Ulriis is a new artist with a natural talent. A surrealist work, very intense and that will be exhibited for the first time.
Yvone Wiese was born and lives in Denmark, an artist with impressionist influences and at the same time a sense of depth in the work she brings to Lisbon.

The exhibition is on view from the 5th to the 11th of February at Atelier Natália Gromicho do Chiado, from 11 am to 6 pm.


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