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An unprecedented exhibition that brings together artists from various artistic expressions, including the most recent form of urban art, for a contemporary art show, which opens on the 5th of August in the heart of Chiado.

“Increasingly, the artistic language is transversal to the plastic expression used. The support changes from a canvas to a mural, from a camera to print on a wide range of supports, an idea expressed in a piece of stone, anything is possible.” Gonzalo Madeira shares the emotion involved in preparing this first edition of “Arte Contemporânea de Lisboa” – “managing to bring together a group of exceptional artists in an exhibition was much simpler this time, when we were looking for new Portuguese talent it was difficult to just choose which ones, for this first edition. Contemporary art made in Portugal is bubbling, we have the best artists in Europe and we have to take a serious commitment to highlighting them as they deserve all the support. “

For this first edition, which will be held at Atelier Natália Gromicho, several artists were selected, with emphasis on LS, a well-known street art artist with several murals spread across the country, Joaquim Gromicho returns to exhibitions after a few years off, with absolutely author photography. breathtaking, Mafalda M. Gonçalves, who debuts at the gallery with a work painted on a marble support, Mariana Santos, who presents an unpublished work inspired by the television series of the 50s and 60s, Natália Gromicho, with an exceptional work of nudity belonging to the collection lovers of the 2000s and Patrícia Mariano with the work selected to illustrate all the communication in the exhibition about women. On the international scene, the exhibition will feature Franco Zucchella, an Italian artist known for painting a work of male nudity, Rita Ansone, who debuts with a very original photograph, Arthur Cristian Rusznak, with a very geometric and colorful work, Hans Varela, with Cuban sculpture, Marc Vermee with an abstraction of strong colors, Stanislav Riha known for his surrealist work, WangTou Kun from China with digital photography, Wedad Alnasser the artist from Jordan known for fusing patterns of Jordanian culture in the place of the face of the person portrayed and finally Xixia Wu with a contemporary sculpture.

The exhibition can be followed from Tuesday to Saturday from 12h to 17h in normal hours and appointments are accepted for special times.

Atelier Natália Gromicho offers a printed catalog to all visitors.