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Tam Salcedo

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Tam Salcedo (b. 1982, Philippines)

My current work, “Paraphrasing”, is an attempt to create visual vignettes of a colourful chaos that is grounded in light and shadow. The pieces are meant to represent day dreams of a blithely world that is strikingly divorced from the one we currently live in yet oddly familiar - much like revisiting a memory.

I am a self-taught painter and drawing has always been a part of me. The playfulness in my figures is a nod to the countless hours I spent doodling as a kid. I am both inspired and distracted by elements that are out of place. Because of this, my compositions are often calculated and deliberate.

I work exclusively in oil - for now at least. I am merely at the beginning of this journey and I close no doors to anything that could help me find my own artistic voice.

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