Soft Silence of the Arts - Iranian artists


Atelier Natalia Gromicho have the honor to present SOFT SILENCE OF THE ARTS, the first Iranian Contemporary Exhibition presented at Lisbon´s Downtown art atelier. 
21 artists selected by the curator Gita Meh and with co-curators Safoora Esmaeil Nezhad, Salwa Zeidan Gallery will now present their first time exhibition in Portugal opening on the 13th January with a private view.


Abdi Asbaghi | Safoora Esmaeil Nezhad | Mohamadhadi Fadavi | Parviz Heydarzadeh | Ramesh Hosseinilahiji | Nooshin Ipaktchi| Hamid Iravani | Karan Jannesari | Mahin Lotfmohamadi | Sara Medghalchi | Gita Meh | Miran Mobasheri | Abbas Mohammadpour | Mehdi Nabavi | Hani Najm | Tara Nazmalizadeh | Shokoufeh Noushiravan | Parvaneh Razaghi | Hamid Reza Farokhi | Mojtaba Rostami | Hero Sheikholeslamivatani |


“Silence”, means the Lake of sounds or a sound.  
“Soft Silence of the Arts.”; is a group exhibition of Iranian Contemporary artists, offering meaning as they communicate through their visual voices.  
Integrating cultures, through Iran and Portugal.  Processing ideas.  Reflecting imaginations.  Exchanging glances.  Hope.  A sweet taste.
In our noisy Global World, Communities Connect Softly, as the artist’s narrate through their painting and photography the love of stillness, yellow, oil, ink, a symbol, a link, a flower, a note there in the corner, locating, a tile, near the Historical Monument, The Fernandina Wall, the Land of Turquoise, then the Silk Road continues, to Lisbon.    
We invite you to our world.  
Gita Meh
Banoo Sahra, Iran