Sinikka Elfving

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Sinikka Elfving is   a   Nordic painter.  She was  born in the Northern part of  Finland close to Arctic Circle. She  lives and works in Norway.   She is   inspired   by   the  strong  contraries  of   the   Arctic   life,  the  dark,   long  and  cold   Winters   and   the   bright   Summers.  This is revealed in her works. She uses  symbols in her art which are found in  nature. In that way her art becomes  lyrical,  spiritual   and   expressionistic.  The  metaphysical  aspect of colors has a special  place  to embrace emotions.  She is  also fascinated  by  the   phenomena of  light that has certain magic in the  Arctic  Zones  during  the seasons. With her art she  tries to inspire people to value  the spiritual meaning of life, to protect the nature and work for peace. The Earth is our only home that we should be able to share with each others,  live and let live in peace and harmony.  The nature is the exclusive provider of life on Earth and our survival is depending on it.  We should find a turning point in our  evolution towards humanity and respect for life.

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