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Paola Korga

Golden Member


The artist has a very personal style that ranges from figurative to abstract. Many symbolist, tribal and multi-ethnic influences characterize her technique. Paola Korga is constantly looking for new textures to be included in her works, making them precious and unique. This adds a further level of interpretation in addition to the ones provided by the colors and the subjects represented. The collage and the use of different materials is a trademark of her works, as well. The union of these elements with bright and earthy colors, ranging from the reds, orange in all its shades, and on to the browns, golden, and bronze ones, summarizes the author’s life and experiences. Paola Korga indeed travelled for years around West Africa, supporting and helping children and families in need. Her paintings, powerfully showing her genuine passion, reflect the great variety and cultural richness of the people she met, the beauty of nature as well as the unspoiled landscape. She portrays the mothers, carrying with strength and elegance the spiritual, albeit heavy heritage of ancestral times. Paola Korga renders in a simple portrait the genetic emotional cultural map of a people thanks to a wise and refined use of her particular technique. Paola Korga’s works can be seen artistically as a whole because they satisfy the eye’s search for beauty and the mind’s wish to add another level of interpretation. If the collages are the author’s stylistic signature, it’s in the abstracts that we discover an unconscious depth, a true compositional balance that creates a choreography on the canvas, with the result of amazing and fascinating the observer. This painter takes us by hand with extreme sweetness to the discovery a wonderful place full of beauty, that isn’t separate from the material world, but it is part of it, as it is intertwined in the labyrinthine textures of these marvelous artworks.

September 2014, collective at Petit Peintre, Gland (CH)
March 2015, collective at Buchillon au carré, Bouchillon (CH)
September 2015, collective at Bouchillon au cassé, Bouchillon (CH)
November 2015, Expo Carré en œuvre, Le petit peintre gallery, Gland (CH)
October 2016, collective Artgland, Gland (CH)
April 2017, collective at Casona Latina, Lousanne (CH)
September 2017, collective Bouchillon au carré, Bouchillon (CH)
March 2018, collective at Casona Latina, Lousanne (CH)
May 2018, personal at Rolle’s Tourism office, Rolle (CH)
July 2018, collective Iperuranio at Camaver Kunsthaus, Bellano (Italy)
September 2018, International expo of contemporary art Art3F, Lion (France)

October 2018, Camaver Kunsthaus collective at Laboratorio artistico Ottovolante, Firenze (Italy)March 2019, Biennale Art ARPADI, Divonne les Bains (France)March-April 2019, personal at Marchande Gallery, Nyon (CH)

June 2019, Artexpo Summer 2019 by Art Gallery, Roma (Italy)July 2019, Camaver Kunsthaus “Do: the way”, Bellano (Italy)

August 2019, collective Italy Kissed at Scuderie Estensi, Tivoli (Italy)
October 2019, Artexpo Autumn 2019 by Art gallery, Roma (Italy)
November-December 2019, Art paper International at Galerie L’Atelier, Hünibach (CH)
January-June 2020, Premio letterario figurativo nazionale Caffè delle arti, 7th edition
September 2020, Camaver Kunsthaus “The green lion” at Villa Monastero, Varenna (Italy)
October 2020, Camaver Kunsthaus collective, Bellagio (Italy)
November-December 2020, Art paper International, Galerie L’Atelier, Hünibach (CH)
August 2021, Italian New York Artexpo at Agora Gallery, Chelsea, New York (USA)
29 October 2021, Prize Vittorio Sgarbi, Ferrara’s Ente Fiera (Italy)
January 2022: Premio  “Maestri a Milano “ (IT)
April 2002: collective Galerie Von Zeidler Art Gallery, Berlin (D)
April 2022 Annuario Artisti 2022


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