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Leonor Sousa

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Leonor Trindade Sousa, born in Vagos, Aveiro - Portugal. She finished school on the Arts’ area at Liceu Dr. Manuel Laranjeira in Espinho, the city which saw her growing up. Since adolescence that curiosity and intuition awakened her to the world of arts, particularly to the painting. Through various techniques ... from figurative to abstract ... from acrylic to oil ...


She has painted different collections. Her curriculum already has a huge amount of individual and collective exhibitions, either na- tional or international (Portugal, France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Denmark, Brazil, México, India, Colombia, Bangladesh, France, South Korea, U.S.A. and Turkey). In 2018 she was invited to be the Portuguese Ambassador to Denmark, with her painting "Mar Imenso" which will be part of the permanent collection of the European Art Museum in Frederiksvaerk, Denmark.


In 2019, in collaboration with the Marines of Hope and the Colombian Consulate, two pain- tings were delivered to the Caribbean Museum in Colombia.

She also has a number of awards: Literarte Prize “Best of the Year 2018” in Brazil, Internati- onal Prize “Grand Master of Art” Caravaggio in Milan, International Prize “Grand Master of Art” Botticelli in Florence, Diego Velázquez International Art Award in Barcelona, “Artist of the Year 2019 Award in Mantua, Italy, the“ Golden Brush Trophy ”and title“ Academic of the Arts and Arts Center in Portugal ”of the Literarte Association, the Michelangelo International Prize in Rome,“ Best of Year 2019, Brazil, Renoir International Art Prize, Milan, Giotto Inter- national Art Prize, Rome, Honorable Mention from the Circle of Arts, France, Certificate of Excellence Artavita Online Gallery, International Art Excellence Award 2020, India and World Gold Award, Artistic Creativity, Italy, Artisti20 - 50 Best Contemporary International Artists, Italy, Artist of the Year 2020, Italy, Palme d'Or, Cannes, Certificate of Merit XII Côte d'Azur Trophy, Art Award New York, USA, Perseo Prize, Italy, International Award Louvre Art Museum, Italy and Micheangelo International Art Prize, Italy, Great contemporary art ar- tista, Italy, Mimosa Gold Award, Great Women of Art, Italy, International Art Award Paul Ce- zanne, Italy, International Creativity Award Pierre Auguste Renoir, Artisti 2021 prize - Best Contemporary Artists Book and International Art Award - Art Ambassador for Portugal.

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