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Hugal is a french-vietnamese artist , Having served as an art director and illustrator in advertising, he honed his graphic design skills. During his time residing in Berlin, Amsterdam, and Lisbon, he cultivated his artistic perspective with the guiding principle of achieving universality and timelessness.
He is an explorer of profound symbolism and elegant simplicity in art. His creative journey involves the pursuit of the purest and most significant forms of expression, utilizing simple lines to convey profound messages.
Through his creations, he aspires to illuminate the intricate tapestry of human emotions: love and empathy, freedom and hate – the very essence of our complexity and potential. Our existence, a captivating blend of beauty and sorrow, is a grand tragedy that unfolds with unmatched splendor.
Drawing inspiration from the earliest origins of visual communication, he finds solace in the cavemen who etched their stories on ancient walls, preserving their legacy and wisdom. The artistry of ancient Egypt and Greece resonates deeply with him, for like them, his mission is to encapsulate profound narratives. These historical influences nourish his artistic spirit, guiding his work in transformative ways.
His aspiration is to transcend temporal boundaries, to create images that defy era and epoch. He abstains from portraying modern objects, deliberately crafting a timeless aura that resists categorization within any specific century. The longevity of his art, like the enduring wisdom of the ages, is a testament to the power of visual storytelling.

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