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Elisabeth Vaz

Golden Member

Elisabeth VAZ born in 1972 in Isère, self-taught painter. I started painting a little over 22 years ago, often in the evening when the children are asleep and sneaking around! Yes in secret because in my entourage we do not understand my new craze for painting ... Being of Portuguese origin, in our environment Art is not part of our culture or my education ... I persevere despite everything because it brings me a lot, I who am quite withdrawn, in front of my canvas I finally express myself, I transmit my emotions, I am me in another world, I exist. In my paintings we find a dominance of warm tones, a lively and luminous palette. When I started I worked with brushes and very quickly I integrated the square and the rule. I mainly work with oil, I recently tried acrylic and aerosol. After a period marked by intimate and relatively confidential work, I decided to show my work to the general public. My first exhibition will take place in 2008 at the Grenoble Painters 'Market, for the next 8 years, I exhibited at the Hôtel de l'Europe in Grenoble, at the Comptoir de l'Armaccord, at the Marché de l'Art d' Annecy and in St Cyr au Mont d'Or. This will be followed by an individual exhibition at the Lyon City Hall and other exhibitions.

"When I start a painting, I go through all the stages: emotions, escapes, negative feelings to end with satisfaction, the most important for me is to transmit an emotion through a work. Through my paintings I exist!"

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