Beatriz Lopez Lopez

Golden Member

In my work I try to show my vision of the world, like every artist, I think I need to show my perspective and my memories from an optimistic and colorful approach. For me, color itself is a pure expression of feelings, ideas and ideals.
I try to always have nature and light present in my works, I think that in a symbolic way, all my paintings are essentially pieces of landscapes and memories.

Born in Madrid in 1974, within an artistic family.
Learn to draw and paint at a young self-taught, surrounded by an atmosphere of painters and sculptors who come frequently to the study of his father, a doctor-painter, in Palma de Mallorca.
He studied architecture at La Coruna, abandoning the first year, avoiding stereotypes set by the University.
This race takes experience and perspective on notions of construction and afternoons and evenings at street drawing, of which there is a whole block of sea port, his favorite corner of this city.
Back to Madrid, his hometown, where just studying engineering, without abandoning the idea of one day devoted entirely to painting. These studies define end of linear and geometric style of painting.
Always using a rich chromaticism, acquired during his travels through Latin America, Asia and Europe, and his love of nature, light and color.
It is in these last years when he decided to devote himself entirely to painting, moving back to Palma de Mallorca, where he now has his studio.