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Adriano Bernetti da Vila

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Undoubtedly color is the guiding element of my way of painting. "Color is a quantum electromagnetic vibration, but with it we also transmit an emotional vibration. For me, painting is first of all knowledge of the world, nature, humanity, history and emotions. As far as I'm concerned, the word art inspires me respect and I prefer to talk about painting instead of art, which means expression of sensations, a path to deepen some aspects of nature and emotions. Trying to express and convey in some way the feeling of power of an imaginary ocean wave, or colors inspired by a sunset, or to recreate the emotions linked to a particular state of our life through an abstract painting, could be, I repeat it could be, something that comes close to art. 

But the real essence of a painting is the emotions that it can create in the eyes and in the soul of those who look at it”

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